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My declaration of human equality

It is my belief that one universal truth about humans is this:
We really are all equal. Thats it.
I also believe that if you werre to take a survey of everyone in the world an overwhelming majority would agree with this. This is my message to those people…

The time has come to acknowledge a few things about our present predicament :

1. The current international financial and political system is fundamentally flawed, and will eventually lead to our demise as a species. It encourages wars, atrocities, greed and corruption. We all willingly enslave ourselves to the concept of money, the attainment and hoarding of it to make sure we are “set” when we can no longer work. This is ridiculous, money only has value because we say it does, it’s importance in our lives is completely imaginary. Money is why governments are corrupt, no money no lobbyists. Money is why world religions are corrupt, “why does the catholic church hide child molesters?” because if they admit to their presence in the church they are admitting financial responsibility in any court case that comes up against them. Why are we still focusing our efforts on fossil fuels and nuclear power, which are like ticking time bombs we are placing in our own future, because there are huge industries behind them making gobs of money. Money has become the reason behind our every action. It’s a disease and a distraction.

2. We live on a world of finite resources, we need to accept this and start working towards fairly distributing those resources to everyone equally. Since we are all born equal we are all born with the exact same claim to resources as anyone else. No one controls where they are born, its a total crap shoot. With this in mind I feel it is ridiculous to claim ownership to any resources based soley on your proximity to them. We all have equal rights to the best possible quality of life, that “we” as a species can attain. There is no reason why billions around the world should be living like its the dark ages, while a lucky small precentage of us live like lords of an empire. A new system is needed, one that takes into account the limited resources we have, and addresses the problem of how to best distribute them to everyone in need. Leaving it to multinational corporations will just lead to more war over resource control, and inevitably world conflict as those resources are exhausted.

3. We are a race with massive potential, there is no limit to what we can do when we work together to accomplish goals. Imagine what could be done if we turned all our war making efforts to community development, childrens education, technological development, medical breakthroughs, the list goes on and on. We are knocking on the door of an amazing future, the only limit to our future is our own imagination and our willingness to pursue our dreams. We need to keep talking, spreading ideas, concepts and truth. True empowerment comes from being informed, so seek out information, look for truth. You can’t get it on TV, not from major networks, if your trusted news agency is funded by the very people they are supposed to be reporting on how can you really expect truth?? Go to the internet, the truth is there, sometime hard to find, but always sitting there waiting to smack you in the face.

Theses are ideas that I hold dear, these are things I feel we should all acknowledge. Once we have done this we can move to the next step in our evolution as a species. We can shirk off the yoke of the power structure that has kept us distracted, kept us fighting amongst ourselves, squabbling like children. Wake up to the truth, acknowledge your sovereignty, take your world back.

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Hello, i share the exact ways thoughts. Me and a group of people have created whats called Operation Overview in support to you and the rest of society.If theres any help we can commit to here in canada please email or share another source of communication. any type of ways to get more noticed is great to know.

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An Israeli soldier tries to arrest a Palestinian boy at gun point in Jerusalem and a female activist intervenes, body checking the armed soldier, giving the boy a chance to run away. Now THAT’s what I call solidarity!! :)

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Two dead, 300 injured, 170 arrested as violence breaks out in Egypt

Egypt’s political transition has proven to be a major challenge - with a sharp increase of violence less than three weeks before the country’s historical presidential election. Friday rally has descended into fierce clashes between the protesters and security forces in the capital Cairo - leaving at least one person dead and scores injured.

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